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Certified Radon Measurement Services

Colorado's Best Home Inspections LLC only offers and provides NRPP-AARST Certified Radon Measurement Services; also known as Radon Testing. James (Jim) Krumm is our owner and NRPP-AARST Certified Radon Measurement Provider.


Radon Measurement Service Fees:

Designated service fees are in addition to the home inspection fee.

$200.00 service fee; per each scheduled measurement service performed (1 Test).


$150.00 service fee; per each scheduled measurement service performed (1 Test) when radon measurement services are performed with a Colorado’s Best Home Inspections LLC home inspection.

James (Jim) Krumm is one of few home inspectors in the State of Colorado providing Certified Radon Measurement Services (known as Radon Testing by some) as an NRPP-AARST Certified Radon Measurement Provider, who is recognized by the State of Colorado as a Certified Radon Measurement Provider performing in real estate transactions.


Radon does not care if you have a basement or crawlspace or sit on slab – it’s an environmental phenomena and simply occurs because we sit on a lot of rock here in Colorado. It’s a decay or uranium decay by-product that breaks down into tiny particles over the years and comes up through the ground as a soil gas. Radon Measurement services per AARST standards and guidelines do require a minimum service time of 48 hours, or beyond as per CBHI availability, to complete.

Why choose Colorado's Best Home Inspections LLC

Radon Monitor Pre-Drop Services are available at a service fee of $50.00 per Inspector site visit. This designated service fee is in addition to the CBHI Home Inspection Fee. Typically, CBHI and Jim will gift this service

to you as you are usually responding to a real estate contract deadline date for reporting purposes.


To be cost effective for you:

Radon Monitor Predrop services are provided upon request only. Once the radon monitor is placed, you understand and agree that you are obligated to pay for the corresponding NRPP-AARST Certified Radon Measurement Service in full as of the Radon Monitor Predrop service date and time. Radon Monitor Predrop services are scheduled as per the Inspector’s schedule and Inspector availability via Home Owner or Realtor approved lock box access.

Radon monitor pre-drop services

"Thank you for your help

with the inspection. I have used other home inspectors, but you have provided the most thorough inspection and detailed report. You can be sure I will call you for my next home inspection. Thank you."

- Connie P., CHBI Client

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