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CBHI Air Pressure Testing Services

Our Air Pressure Testing Service Fee is $150.00 per each performed test. The Air-Pressure Test is a designated service fee in addition to home inspection fee. Air-Pressure Testing Services must be confirmed with Colorado's Best Home Inspections LLC at the time of order confirmation.

If in the event water services are only “to the street” and/or are shut off and not available on and operating within the premise at time of inspection (i.e. you walk in the door and turn on a faucet and water comes out or when you flush a toilet) you may want to consider CBHI Air Pressure Testing Services.

Symptoms that may require an air pressure test

Air-Pressure Testing Services provide a general evaluation of the integrity of the plumbing supply lines within the home to test for major leaks in the plumbing supply lines; by how the supply lines “hold” the air pressure, i.e. if an air leak is suspected most likely if water was introduced there would be a water leak(s). Air Pressure Testing Services are provided in lieu of or instead of the visual inspection process of any and/or all plumbing system elements, fixtures, or components.

Benefits of air pressure testing your home

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